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Dialogue 3: Strengthening partnerships between the environmental and humanitarian sectors in the context of the humanitarian change agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals

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Panelists for the Policy Segment (14 July 2017)

Presenters at the Technical Segment (13 July 2017)

- Mr. Rasmane Ouedraogo, Poverty Environment Institute
- Dr. Eric Kemp-Benedict, Stockholm Environment Institute
- Mr. Tim Scott, United Nations Development Programme
- Ms. Keila Gramajo, Advisor/Sub-secretary of Public Policy (SEGEPLAN) Government of Guatemala
- Dr. Erik Chavez, Imperial College London
- Mr. Michael Stanley-Jones, Poverty Environment Initiative
- Mr. Nick Sekhran, United Nations Development Programme
- Ms. Isabell Kempf, UN Environment
- Mr. Juan Chebly, UN Environment