Nexus Dialogues Visualization Tool


The Nexus Dialogues Visualization Tool is an interactive network map designed by the Stockholm Environment Institute to support the Environment Management Group in its work to enhance more efficient operations, stronger partnerships, and guidance for implementing the environmental dimensions of the 2030 Agenda. The tool displays in what areas the United Nations system is well positioned to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and where there are gaps by incorporating how the United Nations entities are contributing to the SDGs. This information can be used to identify potential strategic initiatives or partnerships. The Visualization Tool also maps potential synergies within the Sustainable Development Goals and demonstrates the indivisibility of the targets.

The Visualization Tool can be tailored to examine different environmental nexuses and has already been used for the EMG Nexus Dialogues 2017 Series. For each Dialogue, specific SDG targets were chosen to demonstrate the interactions of the environmental nexus. UN entities’ nexus-relevant initiatives and tools were mapped for the reasons described above, while providing nexus contributors a platform to find available resources.

The Dialogue specific visualizations contain varying data, including partnerships, resources, environmental nexuses between SDGs and targets, and the SDGs that UN agencies are working towards. The data in the tool was collected upon reviewing UN reports and webpages. The majority of the content is not comprehensive and has not been verified by a representative of each UN entity represented. However, the tool serves as a starting point for discussion and exploration rather than a concrete representation

While it has been applied at a global level so far, the Visualization Tool has the potential to map similar interactions at the national level.