EMG Nexus Dialogue Three

Dialogue 3: 19th October 2017


Strengthening partnerships between the environmental and humanitarian sectors in the context of the humanitarian change agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals

The third EMG Nexus Dialogue was held on 19th October 2017 we focussed on the partnerships between the environmental and humanitarian sectors. A technical segment on the humanitarian and environment nexus focussed on theory and on the process of applying nexus thinking in practice. The day's events closed with a high level segment featuring a panel discussion.

The Dialogues also served as an opportunity for Member States to consider how a nexus approach could support collaboration among different governmental departments. 

Venue: International Environment House 2, Chemin de Balexert 7-9, 1219 Châtelaine, Geneva, Switzerland

Technical Segment: 9:00am - 13:00pm Geneva, Switzerland

Moderated by Mr. Oli Brown, Sub-Programme Coordinator for Disasters and Conflicts, UN Environment 


Registration 8:30-9:00am

1. Opening of the Dialogue.

Opening remarks by Mr. Elliott Harris, Assistant Secretary General, UN Environment

Introduction to the EMG Nexus Dialogues, Mr. Hossein Fadaei, Head of the Environment Management Group Secretariat

Session 1: The humanitarian and environment nexus

2. Setting the scene: integration of environment in humanitarian action - a brief overview.

Introduction by Ms. Emilia Wahlström, UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit

See the presentation

3. Interlinkages between the humanitarian and environmental agendas in the Sustainable Development Goals.

A mapping of actors and existing partnerships at the nexus of environment and humanitarian action, Mr. Albert Salamanca and Ms. Amanda Kohn, Stockholm Environment Institute 

See the presentation and mapping of actors

4. The humanitarian/environment nexus in practice - examples of collaboration and lessons learned.

a) Coordination of assessments for environment in humanitarian action

Presentation by Mr. Amare Gebre Egziabher, UNHCR

See the presentation 

B) Lessons learned from REACT - possibilities for replication to humanitarian operations

Presentation by Mr. Andrew Morton, UN Environment

See the presentation

Break: 11:00 - 11:15

5. Discussion: Identifying opportunities for long term and systematic integration of environmental sustainability into humanitarian action through joint policies and programmes.

Perspectives of key UN agencies and other actors

6. Summary of messages to be delivered to the high level segment.

Lunch: 13:00 - 14:30

High Level Segment: 14:30pm - 17:00pm Geneva, Switzerland

Moderated by Dr. Achim Wennmann, Senior Researcher at the Graduate Institute and Executive Coordinator of the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform

Opening of the high-level segment and summary of the Dialogue's technical segment discussions

Opening remarks by Mr. Felix Wertli, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment

Overview of outcomes from the technical segment

Panel discussion: Addressing environment in humanitarian operations - policy perspectives and areas for further action.

Building upon the outcome of the technical discussions, the panellists will share their perspectives on issues requiring further action, including possible system-wide responses through the Environment Management Group


Ms. Clarissa Azkoul, Chief of Staff, International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Dr. Hugo Slim, Head of Policy, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Dr. Wenjian Zhang, Assistant Secretary General, World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

Mr. Elliott Harris, Assistant Secretary General, UN Environment (UNEP)

Mr. Jesper Lund, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

Mr. Jagan Chapagain, Under Secretary General for Programmes and Operations, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) 

Summary of discussion and closing remarks

Outcome Documents

Additional Documents


Panelists for the High Level Segment (19 October 2017)

Special Guests

  • Mr. Felix Wertli, Head of Global Affairs for the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, Switzerland
  • Mr. Craig Sanders, Deputy Representative, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Presenters at the Technical Segment (19 October 2017)

- Ms. Emilia Wahlström, UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit
- Mr. Albert Salamanca, Stockholm Environment Institute
- Ms. Amanda Kohn, Stockholm Environment Institute
- Mr. Amare Gebre Egziabher, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
- Mr. Andrew Morton, UN Environment