23rd Senior Officials Meeting (SOM23) - 2017


The 23rd Senior Officials Meeting of the Environment Management Group was held in New York in connection with the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

The meeting was composed of two segments:

1. The Technical Segment was held on Monday 18 September from 9:00am to 5:00pm

2. The Senior Segment was held on Wednesday 20 September from 9:00am to 12:30pm

Outcome Documents:

Approved Action Points SOM23

Final Report SOM23


EMG S0M23 - Invitation Letter


EMGSOM23 - 1. Information Note on Logistics 

Reference Documents:

EMGSOM23 - 2a. Provisional Agenda - Technical Segment (18 September 2017)

EMGSOM23 - 2b. Provisional Agenda - Senior Segment (20 September 2017)

Working Documents:

EMGSOM23 - 3. Progress Report on EMG's ongoing work

EMGSOM23 - 3a. Table of Proposed Action Points

EMGSOM23 - 4a. Environmental and Humanitarian Action

EMGSOM23 - 4b. Development of Law for Environmental Sustainability

EMGSOM23 - 4c. Renewing System-wide Collaboration on Biodiversity

EMGSOM23 - 5. Strategic Directions for the EMG and its Future Work

EMGSOM23 - 6. EMG Work Plan 2018

Information Documents:

EMGSOM23 INF - 1. E-waste Synthesis Report (draft and un-edited)

EMGSOM23 INF - 2. Joint Statement by the IMG on Tackling E-waste

EMGSOM23 INF - 3. Briefing Note on the Common Approach to Safeguards

EMGSOM23 INF - 4. Minutes from the ESS Workshop (June 2017)

EMGSOM23 INF - 5. Peer Review Brochure

EMGSOM23 INF - 6. System-wide Framework of Strategies on the Environment (draft and un-edited)

EMGSOM23 INF - 7. Updated ToR and Rules of Procedure for the EMG

EMGSOM21 INF - 8. Climate Neutral + 10 Infographic