12th Senior Officials Meeting (SOM12) - 2006

EMG High-Level Forum, 24 January 2006, International Environment House 2, Chemin de Balexert 7 & 9, Chatelaine-Geneva, Switzerland

Summary: On 24 January 2006, UNEP chaired the High-Level Forum of the EMG which was attended by senior representatives of a large number of UN entities and Secretariats of Multilateral Environmental Agreements. The Regional Economic Commissions, Commonwealth Secretariat and non-UN administered conventions were also represented. Participants had an opportunity to reflect on the prevailing concerns relating to enhanced system-wide coherence in the fields of environment and human settlements. Among its other achievements, the EMG High-Level Forum recognised the fact that, in view of the ongoing UN reform processes, there might be a need for a strategic reorientation and refocusing of the EMG’s terms of reference and work methods. The following summarised ideas and perspectives were presented at the Forum: 1) providing a platform for contributing to broad environmental policy development in key issue areas; 2) undertaking joint implementation on major initiatives such as the Bali Strategic Plan on Technology Support and Capacity-Building (provide link); 3) enhancing the EMG’s financial resource base; 4) strengthening EMGs administrative and delivery capacity; and 5) facilitating support for the contribution of the EMG to the on-going UN reform initiatives, particularly UN Secretary-General’s Panel which is undertaking a new study in the areas of humanitarian assistance, environment and development.

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