Panelist for the High Level Segment (3rd December 2017)

H.E Hon Joseph Ole Lenku, Governor, Kadjiado County, Kenya

Governor Joseph Ole Lenku is a distinguished politician, administrator and community leader. Ole Lenku is an alumnus of the University of Nairobi where he obtained a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and a Masters of Business Administration in Strategic Management. He further obtained a certificate in project management from Greece and a Certificate in corporate governance later attending many other workshops and conferences on corporate governance.

Joseph ole Lenku has worked in various senior management positions in the hospitality sector before he received a presidential appointment in 2013 as the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination, which was a newly created ministry under Kenya's new constitution. He is hailed for steering significant reforms in the security sector in his tenure and increasing budgetary allocations towards devolution of security services.

Ole Lenku decided to seek elective position in the August 2017 general elections and he won with a majority, becoming Kajiado county's 2nd Governor. The governor is now keen among other things, to restore the county's environmental and health status which he has reiterated in his county government opening speech.