• EMG Highlights 2016 and plans for 2017

    As we enter this new year, we would like to take the opportunity to share with you a brief picture of the past year's EMG highlights as well as plans for Group for the year ahead. We would like to thank you for your contributions to this collective work and look forward to our continued collaboration in 2017..

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  • United Nations and Sound Chemicals Management

    In response to calls for enhanced cooperation in the UN system to implement chemicals-related agreements and instruments, the EMG established in 2014 an ad hoc and time-limited Issue Management Group (IMG) on the Sound Management of Chemicals to raise the priority given to chemicals management

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  • Advancing the Environmental and Social Sustainability Framework in the United Nations System. Interim Guide

    This Interim Guide was prepared through the Consultative Process of the Environment Management Group as a basic tool to help the UN entities to start implementing the Framework.

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  • Moving Towards a Climate Neutral UN: The UN System’s Footprint and Efforts to Reduce It

    The UN's report on System-wide progress in implementing the UN's Climate Neutral Strategy. This year's report includes the greenhouse gas emissions for 64 organisations in 2013, as well as a breakdown of emissions by source.

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  • The 22nd Senior Officials Meeting of the EMG (SOM22) took place on 21st and 22nd September 2016 in New York

    The EMG Senior Officials provided their perspectives in a strategic and forward looking discussion on enhancing UN system-wide coordination and coherence on the environment to contribute more effectively to the implementation of the SDGs.

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  • UN EMG Stocktaking Report on Green Economy Knowledge Products by UN Agencies and Partners

    The report presents a compilation of green economy products developed by the UN System. This report has been prepared as a response to the 18th meeting of the Environment Management Group (EMG) senior officials, which tasked the EMG’s Issue Management Group on Green Economy to carry out a stocktaking exercise on existing UN system-wide web-based green economy platforms and resources.

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  • Advancing the biodiversity agenda: A UN system-wide contribution

    Loss of biodiversity leads to degradation of ecosystem services, which has potentially severe consequences for human well-being

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About EMG

The Environment Management Group (EMG) is a United Nations (UN) system-wide coordination body on environment and human settlements.

The EMG identifies issues on the international environmental agenda that warrant cooperation, and finds ways of engaging its collective capacity in coherent management responses to those issues.

The EMG membership consists of the specialized agencies, programmes and organs of the United Nations...

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