• Dialogue 4: Realising the Sustainable Development Goals - Integrating the environment and health agendas into policies for urban settings

    This event, co-hosted by the EMG, UN Environment, WHO and UN-Habitat, allowed participants to dialogue on the importance of tackling health risks from air, water and solid waste pollution through...

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  • UN System-wide Collaboration on the Environment

    The report maps agency specific environmental actions, partnerships, and overall strategic trends of 51 Member Agencies of the United Nations Environment Group, highlighting good practices, leveraging data visualisations, and identifying opportunities for further collaboration.

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  • EMG Highlights 2016 and plans for 2017

    We would like to share with you a brief picture of the EMG's work in 2016 and what we have planned for the remainder of 2017. We would like to thank everyone for their contributions to this collective work and look forward to our continued collaboration during 2017..

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EMG Nexus Dialogue Three Summary

strengthening partnerships between the environment and humanitarian sectors in the context of the humanitarian change agenda and the SDGs

The third EMG Nexus Dialogue brought together UN and other stakeholders to strengthen the interlinkages, to identify tradeoffs and to set targets for entry points in the environment-humanitarian nexus....

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