The Environment Management Group was established in 2001 pursuant to the General Assembly resolution 53/242, paragraph 5, which supported the proposal of the Secretary-General to establish an environmental management group for the purpose of enhancing United Nations system-wide inter-agency coordination related to specific issues in the field of environment and human settlements.The work of the EMG is determined by consensus of the 51 Member Agencies who gather at the annual Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) and its respective technical segment, in the margins of the UN General Assembly. 

 24th Meeting of the Senior Officials of the EMG (SOM 24)

The Environment Management Group held the 24th Meeting of the EMG Senior Official, which took place in New York during the last week of September 2018.

As per EMG tradition, SOM 24 was made up of a Technical Segment, which considered the progress reports of the IMGs and Consultative Processes and discussed the suggested action points for their future work, and of a Senior Segment that focused on providing strategic directions for the future work of the Environment Management Group in the context of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

*Minutes of the meeting will be available.

Participants List – Senior Segment


EMG SOM24 – Invitation Letter 


EMGSOM.24(a) – 0. Logistics Note (Technical Segment)

EMGSOM.24(b) – 0. Logistics Note (Senior Segment)


EMGSOM.24(a) – 1. Provisional Agenda – Technical Segment (17 September 2018)

EMGS0M.24(b) – 1. Provisional Agenda – Senior Segment (24 September 2018)

Meeting Documents:

EMGSOM.24(a) – 2. Progress Report and Recommended Actions

EMGSOM.24(a) – 3. Table of Recommended Actions

EMGSOM.24(a) – 4. EMG Work Plan 2019

EMGSOM.24(b) – 5. Issue Note: Sand and Dust Storms

EMGSOM.24(b) – 6. Issue Note: Belt and Road Initiative

EMGSOM.24(b) – 7. Issue Note: E-waste Coalition

EMGSOM.24(b) – 8. Briefing Note: Post-2020 Biodiversity Agenda

EMGSOM.24(b) – 9. Briefing Note: Post-2020 Chemicals Agenda

EMGSOM.24(b) – 10. Briefing Note: UNEA4 Preparations

Information Documents:

EMGSOM24 INF – 1. Draft ToR Global E-waste Portal

EMGSOM24 INF – 2. Letter of Intent – E-waste Coalition

EMGSOM24 INF – 3. Draft E-waste Coalition Concept Note

EMGSOM24 INF – 4. Common Approach to Environmental and Social Standards for UN Programming (under revision)

EMGSOM24 INF – 5. UN Examples – Sand and Dust Storms

EMGSOM24 INF – 6. UN Environment – Belt and Road Strategy

EMGSOM24 INF – 7. Overview – National Intervention Model 

EMGSOM24 INF – 8 Marine Litter and Microplastics

Previous Meetings and Archives


The meetings of the Senior Officials of the EMG are planned as required to facilitate a timely approach to addressing emerging issues of high importance at the global environmental and human settlements agenda, and to integrate knowledge available in the UN system.

The Senior Officials of the EMG have, as of 2017, met twenty-three times at the purpose of discussing the progress and the future of the EMG works going forward, as well as its place in the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The Decisions taken during the most recent Senior Official Meetings can be found in the following reports: