Over the last decade, the Environment Management Group (EMG) has offered support to the biodiversity agenda, including contributions to the shaping of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011–2020 and its follow-up. Some of the past EMG’s work on biodiversity include: Advancing the biodiversity agenda: and a UN – system wide contribution and Mapping Contributions of the UN Agencies and Conventions to the Aichi Biodiversity Targets

A collective UN system narrative on post COVID-19 green recovery and enhanced exchange of knowledge and collaboration among the UN agencies. The EMG senior officials meeting has established a consultative process to help the UN system define a coherent approach.

In line with the UN Secretary-General’s Call to Action for Human Rights, EMG supports the efforts to ensure a more coherent and consistent UN system-wide approach to human rights and the environment. An Issue Management Group (IMG) has been established.

In November 2021, the EMG Senior Officials agreed to establish a Consultative Process on Sustainable Infrastructure to strengthen UN-system support to the Member States in this area of work and requested the EMG Secretariat to facilitate its establishment.

The purpose of the Task Team is to expand UN system involvement and strengthen the coordination of UN-system support to Member States in addressing the global challenge posed by marine plastic debris and microplastics