COVID-19 and Environment


Consultative process on COVID-19 and the environment

In addressing the environmental dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic, the EMG Senior Officials, at their 26th annual meeting, shared their perspectives on how to maintain and accelerate the implementation of the environmental dimensions of the SDGs while developing recovery and building back efforts. The Senior Officials established an interagency consultative process to help the UN system define a coherent approach and identify opportunities for collaboration on a green recovery.

Objective and scope

The consultative process is proposed to envisage the following objectives and scope for its work: 

  • Define a common narrative for a green recovery in line with the SDGs
  • Facilitate a dialogue and information exchange, i.e., on science and policy on COVID-19-environment nexus issues, including implications that digitalization may have for green recovery, e.g., fundamental data rights and cybercrime, and other issues;
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for collaboration in the context of science, policy-making, and implementation.


With the leading role of entities such as UNEP, UNDP, and ILO the consultative process will be composed of focal points nominated by EMG members. Meetings will be organized by the EMG Secretariat primarily through electronic means. Meetings may be open to observers from non-UN entities whose knowledge, activities or expertise will be relevant and useful to the work of the consultative process.


The first meeting of the Consultative Process will be held on the 11th of  March from 3.00pm – 5.00pm Geneva Time. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and agree on the Terms of Reference of the Consultative Process.

Meeting Documents