COVID-19 and Environment


Consultative process on COVID-19 and the environment

To address the environmental dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic, the EMG established the Consultative Process on Green Recovery in 2020. The mandate of the Process was to help the UN system define a coherent approach and identify opportunities for collaboration on a green recovery. In late 2021, the EMG published a final report based on this work:

The report draws on inputs from over 35 UN entities to provide a “green recovery” narrative, setting out building blocks and opportunities for investment. It also maps relevant UN activities and analyzes gaps and opportunities for further collaboration.

The Process, which was chaired by UNEP and ILO, has now successfully concluded its mandate.


The first meeting of the Consultative Process took place on the 11th of  March from 3.00pm – 5.00pm Geneva Time. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and agree on the Terms of Reference of the Consultative Process.

Meeting Documents