March 13, 16.30-17.30

UNEA-4, Conference Room 13

This high-level dialogue will focus on the need for a new vision for the electrics and electronics industry, according to the principles of circular economy. It will refer to the multitude of actors across the life-cycle of equipment, and the mountain of e-waste generated from our throw-away society.

This high-level dialogue, organized by the Environment Management Group, focused on the need for a new vision for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE), according to the principles of circular economy. Nine high level representatives of governments, civil society, multilateral finance institutions, and the international community discussed the need for a new global vision for EEE, identifying priorities and opportunities for working together towards sustainable electronics consumption and production.

This Dialogue followed the recent efforts by the UN E-Waste Coalition, as well as on the report “A New Circular Vision for Electronics – Time for a Global Reboot”, which was launched at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos in January 2019, as a collaboration between the World Economic Forum, the seven UN entities, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.