EMG events in the margins of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA 4)

Nexus Dialogue on Sustainable Food Systems - ensuring food security for future generations March 12, 15.00 – 18.00, Conference Room 13

This Nexus Dialogue explored how Sustainable food systems can facilitate the achievement of many of the Global Goals worldwide by addressing current and urgent challenges in the food and agriculture sector, by bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders to discuss innovative solutions to food systems and food security.
Concept Note and Agenda

High-level Dialogue on Elevating electrics and electronics to the forefront of circular economy - an integral and multi-disciplinary approach March 13, 16.30-17.30, Conference Room 13

This high-level dialogue focused on the need for a new vision for the electrics and electronics industry, according to the principles of circular economy. It refered to the multitude of actors across the life-cycle of equipment, and the mountain of e-waste generated from our throw-away society.

                                                                    Concept Note and Agenda

                                                                     Outcome Document