In 2022, during the fifth resumed session of UNEA (UNEA-5.2), Member States adopted a resolution on the Environmental Aspects of Minerals and Metals Management (UNEP/EA.5/Res.12). The resolution requests UNEP to convene intergovernmental regional consultations, including with relevant international organizations, and regional and multilateral environmental agreements, with the aim of developing proposals to enhance the environmental sustainability of minerals and metals along their full life cycle. Five intergovernmental regional consultations were convened from April to July 2023, with a global intergovernmental meeting scheduled for 7 and 8 September 2023. Amongst others, the regional consultations took stock of existing activities to enhance the environmental sustainability of minerals and metals, identified opportunities for enhanced international cooperation, including with a view to fostering capacity-building and technological, technical and scientific cooperation in the mining sector, and resulted in a series of non-prescriptive proposals from each regional group. Additional information on the implementation of this resolution is available here.

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The main objectives of this Nexus Dialogue are to:

  • Build/follow-up on the outcomes of the 2020 Nexus Dialogue on Mineral Resource Governance
  • Provide all EMG members and other relevant stakeholders with an update on the implementation of UNEA resolution 5/12 and current state of play in anticipation of the global intergovernmental meeting on 7 and 8 September 2023
  • Present an update of the work and initiatives of the UN Secretary General’s Working Group on Extractives Industries
  • Beyond the abovementioned Working Group, identify additional workstreams across the UN system relevant to the topic of the environmental aspects of minerals and metals management, including in the context of a just transition, with a view to, inter alia, seeking synergies among them.