Sustainable Infrastructure


Consultative Process on Sustainable Infrastructure

It is widely recognized that infrastructure is central to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The OECD has estimated that US$ 6.9 trillion needs to be invested in infrastructure every year to achieve the SDGs by 2030. The EMG responded to this clear global priority in 2020 by establishing a Consultative Process on Sustainable Infrastructure. The Process seeks to strengthen the coordination of UN-system support to Member States in this area of work. It is led by UNEP, and its Terms of Reference can be found here.

The Consultative Process has developed the following report:

  • International Good Practice Principles for Sustainable Infrastructure (second edition) [forthcoming in February 2022]

This report is designed to serve as a UN-wide framework. It features sustainable infrastructure tools from UN bodies in support of implementation by Member States. The Principles are also complemented by the Sustainable Infrastructure Tool Navigator Platform.

Calendar of Events 

The public calendar for events related to sustainable infrastructure can be accessed here. To request access and edit the calendar, use the following link and refer to the guide


The Second meeting of the Consultative Process on Sustainable Infrastructure held on Wednesday, 15 September from 3.00pm – 4.30pm Geneva Time. 

Meeting Documents

The first meeting of the Consultative Process on Sustainable Infrastructure held on Wednesday, 17 March from 3.00pm – 4.30pm Geneva Time. This meeting introduced existing work and progress made on sustainable infrastructure, explain what the Consultative Process seeks to achieve and discuss the anticipated outputs. 

Meeting Documents