EMG Nexus Dialogue on
Mineral Resource Governance

EMG Nexus Dialogue on Mineral Resource Governance, will be held in collaboration with UNEP and with support from the Federal Office for the Environment (“FOEN”) from the Swiss Confederation. The Nexus Dialogue will support an outcome document which pursues the strategic implementation of UNEA-4 and will be included in the report to UNEA-5.

The main objectives of this Dialogue are to:

  • Present Key Policy Messages and Best Practices: Presenting trends and findings from the recent expert reports on mineral resource governance to report on current governance frameworks of key issues;
  • Crystallize Outcomes and Recommendations: Crystallize the outcomes and recommendations from the regional consultations to support the strategic implementation of the UNEA-4 resolution by UNEP, and feed the outcomes of the implementation of the resolution into UNEA-5, and;
  • Identify and Assess Capacity Gaps: Identify gaps on good governance across key mineral value chains (i.e. extraction and processing), and explore opportunities and next steps within the UN system and intergovernmental process to address them.

Draft Concept Note and Agenda